About Us

Why us?

Much like an Attorney of the Law, we represent your interests using our years of experience with Insurance Policy Terms and Coverage. Our job as a Public Adjuster is to investigate, document,  prepare, and negotiate your insurance claim, while protecting your interests and getting the money you are owed under the policy.  Often with most of the property damage claims we handle, any dispute or problem with your Insurance Company can be resolved fairly without ever having to go to Court. In short, we know what your Insurance Policy's Coverage entitles you to and as a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster we will help you take full advantage of your policy to ensure that you receive everything you are entitled to, which typically yields you more money for your insurance claim.  

Excellence and Professionalism 

Excellence is about stepping outside the comfort zone, training with a spirit of endeavor, and accepting the inevitability of trials and tribulations. Progress is built, in effect, upon the foundations of necessary failure.

We strive to provide the best possible service in our ability, and get your home the repairs it deserves.

Did you know?
  • What the "Wording" of your Insurance Policy truly means?

  • How to tell if your Insurance Company is operating in "Bad Faith"

  • When you should stop talking with your Insurance Company and seek professional "Help" 

  • What should and shouldn't be covered when repairing your damaged property

  • If the insurance company is truthful when they say "we don't owe for that"